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3 months ago @ 12:06PM

Boys and Girls Bowling Competes at Districts

The boys season came to an end today at Districts. Even though it wasn't the outcome they wanted, I'm still very proud of these boys. Considering we had a short season starting on January 4th for practice and 1st match on the 14th, these guys squeezed in 11 contests and one Baker tournament in a 3 week period. Broke a couple  of school records. Set personal records. Won the conference two years in a row. They all worked hard, but I think this tournament environment got to them, I saw it in Sectionals too. 

We do not have any seniors so everyone will be back next year. This was one of the best coachable group of bowlers I've had. They supported each other. Celebrated their achievements, picked those who were down. Definitely a team environment. I talked a little bit after the tournament, these guys know what they need to do and it was exciting to hear they want to work in the offseason. I think today was something that will inspire them to get better. They know their potential and saw where they need to be. I can't wait for next year now.


Seven Hills Girls went to Beaver Vu bowl to participate in Districts competition, after only bowling for one month of competition.  This is such an achievement to be celebrated.  I am so proud of the progress we have made this season, and I want to personally thank our seniors for your leadership and dedication to the team.  

Game one started off very slow.  Took the team a while to get their stride.  Savoy did come through with a strong 159 game.  The rest of the team did start to find their groove and the second and third games improved by over 120 pins.  Bakers were fun.  Started off slow again with a 106, but the girls kept pushing through, and ended with the high game of the day: 171! Thank you to freshman Annika Kulkarni who came out with the varsity team and helped in the bakers today.

Here are the entire scores for today:

Loura Ma:  125,151,168  Total:  444

Savoy Lackey:  159, 166, 115    Total:  440

Hana Mahmoud:  104, 156, 148  Total:  408

Shanaya Bharucha:  123, 140, `138  Total:  401

Erin Finn: 100, 124, 169  Total:  393

Bakers:  106, 156, 123, 120, 151, 171

Thank you for an awesome season!

Coaches Robin Wilson, Randy Wilson, and Paul Hall

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